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To innovate, satisfy, provide best- value fashions to customers

Our Values

Grand Global Investment stands for quality, continuity and care. We are a value-based company with heartfelt beliefs. Our work will always be guided by a deep appreciation for the traditional culture of Omani and the skills and craftsmanship of our experienced tailors and designers. We choose quality fabrics that are flattering to wear and easy to handle. We have a long-term commitment to continuously improve our local and foreign clients tastes.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make your clothes look like they were made just for you. When people look at you, the only thing they should see is how well your clothes fit you. The quality of work must be such that no one should have a clue about changing your clothes. We strive to keep our work secret in this regard. We ask that you be a good friend and pass this on to someone else.

Our Vision

Our vision is to start up the customer satisfaction through giving high quality garments of timeless and elegant style with utmost care for people. We live by our philosophy to care, whether it applies to how we handle our clothes or how we treat each other. Our focus lies on long-lasting styles and carefully selected fabrics, we want to be a trustful alternative to the buy-and-toss mentality and an ethical source of high fashion that does not compromise on desirability.

Our  Services

Our Clients

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Our Rewards