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About US

Grand IT Solution is an Omani company working in the field of information technology, working in a steady and renewable way to be among the best providers of IT services in the Sultanate and raise its services with unique expertise and a global vision. Consisting of cadres with distinguished experience in the field of information technology. With renewable energies and meet the requirements and needs of advanced technology. It consists of a professional team of programmers, designers, e-marketing specialists and smart mobile applications.

Our Mission

We bring our clients an innovative system that proactively optimizes your business, predict failure points and repairs those potential issues before they become a problem.

Our Vision

GIT strives to enhance its services and develop itself by developing its competencies and employees to keep abreast of the scientific boom that has taken place and the tremendous development in the field of information technology.

OUR  Services

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Launching Systems

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Grand IT Solutions LLC recently launched a modern and advanced system. The system is called Itemad which means proper approval. It is designed to organise the meetings of boards of public, closed and family joint stock companies and multi shareholders companies (foreign & government companies). It is prepared according to the Corporate Governance Charter of the Capital Market Authority in Oman.
 On Wednesday,  October 10,  2018, Grand IT Solutions LLC launched a new Vehicle Maintenance application.  It is called SYANTEC. It includes spare parts inventory,  preventive & corrective maintenance, work orders and credit & cash invoices. It is available for vehicle dealerships, companies that own vehicle maintenance workshop and garages.
Grand IT Solutions LLC has accelerated the launch of an integrated tripartite system for private schools. It is called E-Madrasah. It consists of a Web application for the use of school administration,  a mobile application for parents of pupils and a website for public viewing. The best feature of the system is to get monthly income statement accurately.